3 Piece “Voyager” Series # 8100


Measures 12″ by  57″  60″  and  69″ high.


These 3 Fir and Redwood “Voyagers” have been on quite an amazing journey. They started out as trunks of trees which were cut for the saw mills in the Pacific Northwest.  Somehow they slipped to the sea, possibly in a storm, and drifted in the revolving currents for many years.

Sea clams burled in and made their homes in them as they traveled.  After many years at sea, the trade winds drove them down towards the Hawaiian Islands.  They eventually came to rest on the shores of Maui.

My son Joe, who surfs remote areas of Maui, happened on to the logs in different locations around the island.  He and I retrieved them my wood shop.  After months of work, these “Voyagers” have turned into rare, “one of a kind” pieces of art.

“Monkey Pod Live Edge”  bowl sold seperately at $6,000.