Fir Voyager #8110


Measures 13″ by 5″

This Fir Voyager has been on an amazing journey.  It started out as part of a tree destined for the saw mills of the Pacific Northwest.  Somehow it slipped into the sea, possibly in a storm, and drifted in the revolving current for many years.

Seas clams burled in and made their homes in it as it traveled.  After years at sea, the trade winds drove the log down towards the Hawaiian Islands,  It eventually came to rest on a beach on the south shores of Maui.

My son Joe, surfs remotes area of Maui and came across the log.  He and I retrieved it to my wood shop.  Because of the many holes, not all pieces made it through the finishing process.  However, the ones that did have a rare, “one of a kind” beauty.